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2022 Scholarships in Honor of Kelly Durham, Bubba Storbeck, Ronnie Behnke, & Wayne Mosley

Our scholarships are dedicated to the memory of these men, and the contributions they have made over their lifetime to this sport and the construction industry. 

Kelly Durham


His involvement with industry leaders and organizations helped him create, build and sustain his own business. In 2004, he opened the doors of K.L. Durham Construction, also known as Performance Equipment Service. His goal was to create a legacy for his three children and grandchildren to carry on and create a life he was proud of and that would provide for himself and his wife Donna. He certainly achieved those goals.

"Performance Equipment Service is rolling into its 17th year of business as a premier milling and soil stabilization subcontractor. All three children are running day-to-day operations and plan to continue developing and growing the business to carry out the legacy that Kelly worked so hard for.

"Durham truly was one of a kind, a remarkable man who took care of his family, friends, employees and the industry he truly loved.

Bubba Storbeck

Another legend we honor for his countless years of support and sponsorship. For years he held a platuim sponorship in this tourment. Since the very beging he showed us his big heart and love for helping others. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 3.22.53 PM.png

Wayne Mosley

wayne mosley.jpeg

 Captain Ronnie Behnke

A true saltwater legend, Captain Ron Behenke, was one of the very first to hold a live weigh-in fishing tournament. Ron & Julie introduced us to David McKee at Corpus Christi A&M. In addition, he was the one who came up with the idea of helping students obtain internships with Texas Parks & Wildlife. The list of accomplishments this saltwater legend left behind will be difficult to match.

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