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2023 Mr. & Mrs. Big Tournament Rules

It is your responsibility to make sure at least one member of your team is present at the Captain’s Meeting (5:30pm Friday before the tournament), where changes will be announced.

1.    Three Fish Stringer: one Trout, one Redfish and one Flounder. Total weight of 1 or 3 fish brought to weigh in. You do not need all 3 to win stringer. Trophies for 1st place stringer only.
1A. Only three fish can be brought to weigh in. If you have a fish that gets disqualified, you cannot replace it with another fish.
1B. All three fish must meet legal Texas Parks & Wildlife lengths. No oversized Red Fish. Trout are 17: -23” Slot.
1C. All legal LIVE fish weighed-in will receive a 1/2 lb. BONUS.
1D. All legal DEAD redfish and flounder and trout weighed-in will receive a 1/2 lb. DEDUCTION
2. The same Trout, Redfish and Flounder will ALSO be used in Big Trout, Redfish and Flounder pots. The top fish in each category will receive a trophy and the three pots pay for the top three (3) places. All pots to be split 50% for 1st, 30% for 2nd, and 20% for 3rd.
2A. The same 1/2 lb. BONUS for LIVE fish and 1/2 lb. DEDUCTION for DEAD fish will apply
3. The team sizes and types are outlined by division below:
3a. Men’s Pro and Amateur Divisions: Four (4) people per team per boat in both the Pro and Amateur Divisions. You may hire a guide to fish the Pro Division, but he/she counts as one of your 4 anglers.
3b: Definition of a “Pro” Team: A team with at least one member who has held a Guide License, has fished the FLW Tour, Texas Trout & Redfish Series (Baffin Bay Bashes, etc.).
3c. Definition of an “Amateur” Team: Four anglers who have never held a Guide License or fished in a Pro Tournament.
3d. Women's Open Division: Four (4) women per team for the Women's Division, a guide or driver can be on the boat but may not fish. This is an open class with no differentiation between pro and amateur. Payouts and trophies are the same as the men's divisions.
4. All anglers must stay in clear sight of the boat while wading (This is required from a safety standpoint and helps increase your odds of keeping your fish alive).
5. The tournament goes on rain or shine, no refunds. However, in the event of inclement weather, and at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director, the start may be delayed and/or the weigh-in times adjusted.
6. Each team will be given a “chip” and a start time at the captain’s meeting. Each team must check-in at the dock in the morning at the time specified and leave in the order drawn. If you do not check-in, you will be disqualified. No exceptions.
7. All boats must leave from specified docks (Billing’s Marina, Clem’s Marina, Marker 37 and homeowners’ ramps or rentals.
8. Fish and Travel Safely
8a. Use the kill switch while motoring, 9.
8b. The use of life jackets is the Boat Captain’s discretion, but highly recommended
9. This is a Bay Fishing Tournament. (jetties & surf fishing are prohibited)
10. Live Bait is ONLY acceptable in the Women’s Open Division; Amateur and Pro Divisions can ONLY use artificial lures.
11. Weigh-in time is no earlier than 2:00 pm and no later than 4:00 pm. No exceptions.
12. The Weigh Master makes all final decisions on any disputes. (EXAMPLES INCLUDE: Determining the length of the fish at the weigh-in and determining whether the fish is LIVE or DEAD.)
13. All Tie Breakers to be determined in this order:
      1. LIVE fish vs. DEAD fish
      2. Weight of Trout
      3. Length of Trout
      4. If it’s still a tie, it will be decided by the flip of a coin
14.    All winners are subject to a lie detector test
15. All anglers must sign a release form before fishing in the tournament.

Download PDF Version of the 2023 Tournament Rules. 

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